16 Agustus 2009

The Human and Their Problem

What is the problem? There are many people who say that as a problem to be solved or to be found out for the solution. Meanwhile, there are also some people said about the problem as a gap (gap) between the necessity and reality. Throughout his life, a man certainly never dealt with the “problem”, whether there is a gap or the existence of something that should be found out for the solution. Problems are a part of human life. If a man has a problem means that he was alive. With a personality problem, there would be growing the business through learning.

Prayitno (2003) mentioned that something perceived as a problem or not depends to answer the three questions below:

1. Do something that is not the preferred?
2. Is that something you’d like its eliminated?
3. Whether something is (potentially) cause difficulties or loss?

If the answer is “YES” then something is clearly a problem and the problem is indeed very diverse people, views the terms of type, size, nature and space. There are issues that are light-weight, big-small, personal-general, and simple-complex, were not we realize, and so forth.
When expressing and understanding about every problem a person will be different. Someone said that something that could be considered a problem, while for others is not a problem, or vice versa. Likewise, someone for something that is a small or light, but expressing and understanding as a problem of weight and is large or vice versa.

Associated with psychological problems faced by individuals, in general, individuals who are less or even not at all unaware Suppose, proud people who sometimes do not realize his arrogance as well as lazy people who sometimes do not realize his lazy, so it tends to let it more and become chronic. Unlike the problems that are physical, if someone has physical problems, for example, he experienced stomach ache, the person is easily realized that had problems with his stomach, so he immediately removed it, attempted to buy drugs in a way or come to the doctor.
The size of the line, the problems faced by individuals from the two factors, i.e. factors in the individual’s own environment and factors. When life is relatively simple, the problems that arise are likely to be simple, but in line with the development of human life as a modern all-round now, problems that seem to appear even more complex, including the problems associated with the psychological.
What’s the problem? Efforts to overcome the problems or find a way out of problems can be done through various ways, both made them and through the help of others. Help others when needed usually faces the problem is considered too heavy and it is not possible by others by him. Although the service assistance of others, decision is making and problem solving activities lies in the fact that the individual concerned.
Some tips to solve the problem:

1. Be realistic and object to things that are considered so that problems can see the problem proportionally.
2. If you face a lot, Order of the problems based on priority handling. The issues considered minor and can be overcome quickly themselves, flee finish, and scratch from the list of problems you order. If one or more of the problems that are considered serious, whether they think may be the need to help yourself or others.
3. If you consider that the problem can still own by others, how to use rational and logical (scientific) to complete. Problems that are resolved in ways irrational may only result in failure and will be increasingly circumstances.
4. If you need to help make the other party, find the right person and can be trusted. Error in determining the people to be involved in your issue may even increase the burden of your problems.
5. Study those that have problems similar to your problems and find success in solving key problems
6. Your patience and sincerity in solving any problem is important, as they may try what you can not directly produce a settlement quickly. In other words, problem solving efforts such as not eating chili sauce so have eaten spiciness in the tongue, in this case the time and need to process.
7. Of course you should still pray seeking the help of the Almighty, as your spiritual strength, and be sure in yourself that every problem there is definitely way out and God will not give the problem to someone outside the ability.
In short, that in solving a problem is required intellect intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual.

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