4 Agustus 2009

Girl Power (Know Your Worth, Be Empowered)

(One woman to the rest)

If we know we're worth more and we are, we know we deserve better. If we know our value, we won't settle for less or be less. So be it...

1. We are not sex objects - We are to be loved, respected and taken care of, not items to be used to gratify the lustful desires of the opposite gender. Any man who thinks of us otherwise is not worthy of us nor is he worth anything at all.

2. We're not inferior to men - We were originally created as a helpmate but that doesn't mean lower or second-class. It just means we're a necessity. Men can't simply do without us. They need our help. No competition there but partnership. Our worth and power, and influence is in being simply "FEMININE". We don't need to prove we can do what the men can do because obviously we can do something they can't, conceive and bear children.

3. We are beautiful and complex -- Whether fair skinned, brown, or black (unless you're yellowish, in that case you better consult a doctor right away), women are beautiful. Endowed with curves and softer, smoother skin. And we do smell better. Aging may change all that but the awesome and complex (part of our charm) person we are inside will never be ebbed away by years and this is the most important part of us that we ought to pay more attention to than shampoo commercials.

4. We are emotional creatures - Soft, and fragile and should be treated with gentleness. This is also why we often can't make up our minds, because we base our decisions mainly from how we feel (and our emotion's like a roller coaster - not to mention, we have 'that' time of the month) rather than how we think about something or the logic of it. Men on the other hand are often not in touch with their emotions (because they look at everything at a logical point, sometimes, too much). So God made us for the things they're not good at. Hehe

By Theresa Flores

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