4 Agustus 2009

The Eight Myths of Becoming a Model

1) You have to be really pretty or beautiful.

The best way to put this is that a person cannot be unattractive. That means you generally cannot have; bad skin, asymmetrical or odd facial features, or weirdly colored or cut hair. It is not unusual for a model to walk in their agency on a off day, in casual clothing and no makeup, only to be told by the receptionist that the open call for new models is later in the week.

2) You must be tall to model.

If you are going to be a runway model then the answer is yes. However, most modeling is not runway or fashion show. Most print models can start at 5'6". There is always petite modeling which goes from 5'1" to 5'4". Then there is promotional modeling that has no height requirement at all.

3) If an agent or agency really wants you they will pay for everything.

If you are one of the handful of models that the big worldwide agencies bid for each year the answer is yes. If you are one of the other 99% then the answer is no. Agencies generally do not pay for your pictures, comp cards, or digitization and image enhancement costs. They may even lend you the money only to take it back when you start making money.

4) Modeling is really hard work.

Although mostly a myth there is some truth to this statement. It is true that models make $25 to $150 an hour for basically standing around looking good, either to be photographed, walk a ramp, or talk to people. Anyway you cut it it's not so hard. The hard part is going out on all the auditions to get the modeling job in the first place. A model may have to go out on 3 auditions for every one they land. That is not fun.

5) Models make a lot of money.

Yes, it's true that Gisele Bundchen made around 33 million dollars last year. However even in the top 10 top model money earners the amount fell into the measly 7 figures. Now that is in the entire world! Outside of the major modeling markets like New York and Los Angeles the vast majority of models work part time, and must supplement their model earnings with another job.

6) Models must be skinny.

For most print and runway models this may be true. However, there is always plus size models, (sizes 14 -20). In addition, it is not unusual for female models to be size 6-8, hardly considered skinny by most people. Today it is much more important to have a toned body, where a person looks healthy with no flabby parts.

7) You have to know about posing, putting on makeup, and being in front of the camera.

If you have the look the photographer or agent wants, they will figure out the rest.

8) You need professional pictures to send to an agency.

Any new face agent should be able to tell you whether they want you with simple digital pictures you or a friend take of you. The best idea is a plan a photo shoot where you have alot of clothing and makeup changes, making sure you take lots, (maybe like 100), of pictures, then simply picking out the best 4 or 5 to send in to the agencies you want to apply to.

By Fred Sweet

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