4 Agustus 2009

Sex With a Yeast Infection - Why It's Wrong and What You Should Do

The result of sex with a yeast infection is more yeast infections! This happens because sexual intercourse and oral sex can pass the infection from one partner to the other, and then back again. Of course many folks would say that they would never have sex with a yeast infection.

But men can have an infection without any obvious symptoms showing for some time. They then transfer it without knowing. Here you'll learn why this happens, and the causes and treatment for yeast infections.

If you ask the question 'can I have sex with a yeast infection?', the simple answer is yes. But, apart from being uncomfortable or downright painful, the infection can be transferred back and forth, so why would you want to have sex in these circumstances?

Yeast infections aren't caused by sex itself, but where one partner already has a yeast infection, the sexual act can provide the necessary conditions for the infection to take hold. And condoms contain spermicides which can also provide these conditions, so they aren't foolproof either. The only way is to cease sex until you're properly cured.

Yeast infections are caused by a flora or yeast-like fungus we call Candida Albicans. It occurs in our bodies in places like our intestinal tract, vagina, penis, anus, mouth, armpits, scalp, ears, under fingernails, skin, etc. But it doesn't cause you any harm because your good bacteria keeps it under control. In this 'neutral' state, there are no yeast infections.

But, under certain circumstances, this balanced state is upset and the Candida fungus multiplies. It's this 'overgrow' that causes your yeast infection. These circumstances are things like; sex with a yeast infection, antibiotics, steroids, medical conditions like HIV, compromised immune system, poor nutrition, diabetes, drug habit, severe stress, pregnancy, oral contraceptives, menstruation, wet swim / gym wear, etc.

Sufferers usually treat the infected area with topical creams and suppositories. These you get by prescription or over-the-counter. But they are drug-based and the fungus can become resistant to them.

Also, they address the local symptoms, not the root cause and underlying issues. The outcome for many sufferers is repeat or recurring yeast infections. And regular sex with a yeast infection only makes this worse.

This is why totally natural treatments are on the increase for yeast infections. Yeast infection victims are turning to drug-free remedies without the side effects and the other downsides of expensive drugs.

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