4 Agustus 2009

The Perfect Size to Model - Does it Exist?

Recently I joined one of the newer modeling communities to assist teenagers in breaking into the modeling industry. I was astonished to learn how many teenagers felt their self esteem was low or that they were not pretty enough to model.

Most teens look at the fashion magazines and music videos and get upset because they can't measure up to Hollywood standards of what beauty is perceived to be.

The models and celebrities that we see in the media have a hair stylist, image consultant, and make up artist on staff. They pay these people lots of money to make them look good when they hit the red carpet.

What many of us keep forgetting is that these entertainers are air brushed with a computer software called Photoshop. This software isn't just for famous people anymore. Almost all photographers now use Photoshop to enhance their clients features.

Celebrities can get away with not looking completely natural because they are established stars. It is hard for the average person to walk into a casting call with head shots or comp cards that don't look like you. I guarantee something will be said to you.

Did you know that the average woman in the United States is a size 14?

The days of the "skinny models" are over. Models these days come in all shapes, sizes, and colors of the rainbow. Advertisers don't necessary want the drop dead gorgeous models to sell their products/services. They are looking for models who consumers can relate to and who are believable.

If you don't believe it think about the infamous Dove's Campaign for "Real Beauty" that featured everyday full-figured women advertising their products on billboards nationwide in their bra and panties. Check out a clip of their Dove Evolution Campaign at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hibyAJOSW8U&feature=fvw

Then there's "Miss Fiercee" Tocarra from America's Next Top Model who also helped put full-figured women on the map. Last but not least, there's Queen Latifah who started out as a rapper from the East Coast and is now a Cover Girl.

Who would have imagined that any of this would have happened in the modeling industry?

When it comes to modeling today so many doors have been opened and it is up to you to determine what path you will take. There are so many categories of modeling to choose from that are outside the realm of full-figured or supermodel.

The list below is just a small sample of the different types of modeling and models.

Print Modeling Commercial Modeling Runway Modeling (Body) Part Modeling Plus Size Modeling Free Lance Modeling Petite Models Fit Models Hair Models Promotional Models

Depending on the market you live in will determine the type of work you get. Think about what assets you possess and use them to your advantage. Ask yourself some questions! Do you have great hands or feet? Is your hair healthy and versatile? Do you have a great walk?

You may have to be on the thinner and taller side to become a Supermodel but in the meantime, there is plenty of work out there and money to be made in this crazy world we call modeling. So don't get discouraged, be empowered!

By Tracy Hogan

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