2 Agustus 2009

How To Earn More by Giving Good Service

by Thorsten Gregon
A good job usually comes with a good salary. However, it is important not to lose one’s passion and enthusiasm for the job or else mediocrity will take place. This is a dangerous scenario, especially now that there is uncertainty in the stock market. It is vital therefore, that one needs to constantly prove his worth in order for the boss to keep him.

Striving for superior output and services is something that all employees should aspire for, no matter what position they hold. This requires one to accomplish his assignment on time. If the boss says the output is due on Friday, then it needs to be submitted on a Friday and not on a Saturday. Procrastination is something that should be avoided like the plague. Be conscious of submitting works that require meticulous attention. If you fail to do your part and errors crop up, it will significantly affect your status. People will develop a negative impression on your work habits. Skip the juvenile act of cutting corners. It is not a good procedure to resort to.

When required to attend meetings, arrive 15 minutes ahead of time in order to prepare yourself. You must be ready psychologically and emotionally for the possible stress you might encounter. Groom yourself. Apply a light make up to enhance your best features, straighten your business attire and spray on a light perfume. In contrast, if you’re late, you will look and feel harassed, thereby creating an unsightly picture. Do not think you can get by with being fashionably late, as what ordinary people would say.

The succeeding paragraphs are the important reasons why you must provide value to others in order to make money. Read on so that you will learn something new.

The first reason is that it will help you keep your job. The economic turmoil has dampened a lot of investors’ enthusiasm today and many big firms are losing money and availing of bailout packages from the government. Some are threatening to lay off their employees. If this happens to your company, you can be assured that you will not receive the pink slip if you have been getting raves from your performances. In case you have not noticed, many bosses are observing their personnel in order to figure out if they are working in an optimum level or just waiting for salary day to arrive.

Secondly, if you have been turning in excellent performances for many projects already, you will have a high probability of getting promoted. If not, you will definitely be given ample rewards and perks that even your family will appreciate like a vacation package or a housing offer. It pays to strive for the best always so remember to work diligently.

Third, if you provide value to others to make money, you will increase your self-worth. You will know that you are getting better in your job and it will reflect in your transactions with your office mates, from the boss to your subordinates. Having a confident aura can spell the difference between a high flying winner and a miserable loser. Ultimately, it will gain you more bonuses.

Lastly, clients will appreciate your performance and they will come back to you again and again. More projects equates to more profit. More profit means more income. There is also a strong chance that your outstanding works will be referred to other big players in the industry. Who knows? Maybe a big project awaits you as clients give out their word of mouth referral.

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