4 Agustus 2009

Beautiful, Big and Bridal

By Frances Brown

Every girl dreams of having a spectacular wedding, to be walking down the aisle, as stunningly dressed as a princess. Just because you maybe a plus-sized lady there is no excuse for not making your fantasy wedding a reality.

The most important decision that you will have to make is in the choice of your wedding dress. Your memories that you will cherish in the future will begin with what you choose to wear today.

No matter what your size is, your wedding dress can look fabulous on you and emphasis your unique style. The secret is in finding a retailer who is supportive and co-operative, Having a solid repartee with whoever you choose is crucial.

The most flattering style for a plus-sized bride to be is the A-line. This classically beautiful design cut is simple, sophisticated and stylish.

Another favourite style is the Empire waisted gown. With this design, the fabric flows freely from just under your bustline, to create a soft, natural look.

As a plus-sized goddess, one of your greatest assets is a well endowed bust. By wearing a very supportive bra or a one-piece corset the effect can be truly breathtaking.

Team a well cradled bust with a V-neck or scoop neck gown and the result is spectacular. A gown made from light satins, chiffons and silks are going to be the most flattering.

Your personal size will not become an issue as long as you emphasis your physical strengths and cover your weaknesses. If you are wearing a dress that fits you well and suits your body shape, you'll be able to present yourself with style and grace, feeling radiant and confident.

Don't forget to surprise your groom with some romantic and sexy lingerie. Nothing makes a woman feel attractive and desirable as much as wearing sensual and alluring lingerie.

The range now-a-days of larger size intimate apparel is staggering. Lovely lace chemises or baby-doll sets flatter a fuller figure, while making you feel seductive and beautiful.

The choice of what to wear is only restricted by how adventurously sexy and daring you wish to go.

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