23 Juli 2009

The Two Frogs

From India
One night two frogs found themselves in a diary. Hopping and jumping around as frogs do they both jumped into a milk pail half full of milk.
After swimming around for some time they tried to get out. But the inside of the pail was too slippery and there was nothing on which they could rest so that they could jump out. One frog thought it was useless trying to swim on and just gave up hope and sunk and was drowned.
The other carried on swimming hoping against hope that something would turn up. He swam and he swam until he began to feel tired. But by this time the milk which was full of cream had become thick. When the frog had swum some more the cream had been stirred so much that it became a solid lump of butter.
On this the frog could scramble and rest.And from it he could easily jump out of the pail into safety.

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